About me

I am a sociologist and associate professor at the Department of Sociology of Organization and Management, Faculty of Economics and Sociology, University of Lodz, Poland.
I specialize in issues related to the sociology of disability, qualitative sociology and computer analysis of qualitative data. I conduct research on the activation of people with disabilities, including the socio-cultural, structural, political, legal and economic situation of this category of people and their families. I also research entities and institutions supporting people with disabilities.
As of late, I have been embracing three research areas as part of my pursuits in disability studies:
· the situation of families of people with intellectual and developmental disabilities
· the issues of self-determination and independence in the lives of people with intellectual disabilities
· the implementation of accessibility policies in various dimensions of social life designed for people with disabilities
My scientific publications are devoted to disability, social assistance, and qualitative research methodology.
I have participated in several grants and research projects (as a manager, contractor and expert).
I am the editor of the Qualitative Sociology Review (Przegląd Socjologii Jakościowej) and the chairman of the Section of Disability Sociology of the Polish Sociological Association. I also actively participate in the activities of the Center for Disability and Accessibility Studies at the University of Lodz.
I cooperate with researchers representing various disciplines and academic centres in Poland and abroad, as well as representatives of public entities and non-governmental organizations.
I have received several awards, distinctions and scholarships for my scientific and research activities.
My main research interests are disability studies, qualitative sociology, grounded theory methodology, symbolic interactionism, the use of new technologies and computer-aided analysis of qualitative data.
Privately, I am the father of twins Karolinka and Kubuś. I am passionate about mountains, forests, and all the open spaces I traverse on foot or by bike.
More about my scientific and research activities:
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